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Beauty Bits: Quick Date Night Curls

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Hello gorgeous! With Valentine's Day around the corner you're probably already planning your perfect outfit for your special night out. Have you thought of a fabulous hairstyle to go with it yet? I'm a sucker for soft curls, but truthfully they can take me a while so I tend to put them off; that's not the case recently since my beauty guru Olivia Smalley shared the "Quick Curls" with me!

how to: quick hair curls / photo: erikadelgadophoto.com / hair & makeup: omgartistry.com

What I loved so much about these curls is that they gave me volume, which is something I'm always missing when I do my own curls. So grab your curling iron and give this a try for your next night out! Your man will be sure to do a double take!

Quick Curls Directions

by Olivia Smalley

  1. Gather all hair from the back and create a ponytail at very front of your head.
  2. Figure out where you would like to part your hair; if it is in the middle you would take the ponytail and split it in equal parts, if it is off to the left, the right side would have more hair, etc.
  3. With a 1-inch curling iron, wrap the curls away from your face and continue until the entire pony is curled.
  4. When curls are cooled, release then from elastic. Shake out locks and spray with a flexible hold hair spray.
quick curls hair DIY tutorial / photo: erikadelgadophoto.com / hair & makeup: omgartistry.com

Tip: For added volume tease roots and add a waterless hair spray. Allow hairspray to dry before brushing and perfecting the completed look.

how to: quick hair curls / photo: erikadelgadophoto.com / hair & makeup: omgartistry.com how to: quick hair curls / photo: erikadelgadophoto.com / hair & makeup: omgartistry.com

Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

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  1. Lily says

    Tried this today and it worked wonderfully. I was worried my hair would be too short or that the layers in my hair would turn out funky, but that wasn’t the case at all. Thank you so much for this idea!