Vintage Colorful Carousel Wedding Engagement Session by

Colorful Vintage Engagement: Grace & Daniel on a Carousel

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There are no words to describe how incredibly adorable Grace and Daniel are as a couple! These engagement photos by Shea Christine Photography show off so much personality, stylish fashion and charm that I just had to get my hands on them. And as if these bright and cheery images aren't enough... we've got video of their proposal, too!

Vintage Colorful Carousel Wedding Engagement Session by Vintage Colorful Carousel Wedding Engagement Session by

Grace and Daniel met during their freshman orientation at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Fast friends turned couple; they stuck by one another all through college, even graduating with the same degree in theatre. While on an audition in Boca Raton, they stumbled upon this carousel at Sugar Sand Park, thinking it was a perfect blend of old-world ethereal and colorful fun. We agree!

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If their e-sesh photos are any indication of how fun their wedding will be, Grace and Daniel's guests are in for a real treat! Our bride has taken DIY wedding planning to the max. In her own words, "I don't even know what to say! We're up to our ears in crafts and projects. My house looks like a Michael's craft store exploded inside of it...the process has been a lot of fun though. And I'm excited to see how it all ties in together." Obviously, we can't wait either!

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I know what you're thinking, "Holy adorable wardrobe change, Batman!" I'm telling y'all, this couple is full of creativity! I thought I loved their first ensemble with Daniel in a fedora, gingham button-down, and suspenders next to Grace's darling hot air balloon dress and those polka-dot tights and heels (I die!). And now with this retro-picnic look! My. Goodness. Grace swapped her sweet dress with a floral blouse, jeans and hair wrap, plus Daniel brought along their cute puppy for an extra special accessory! This whole styled scene is so fab... Boho Engagement Session Fashion by Boho Engagement Session Fashion by Boho Engagement Session Fashion by

Our bride and groom finished up their engagement session with some au naturel boho portraits: barefoot, casual and sans-props. Just the two of them, in love. They're both looking forward to their upcoming wedding, especially with Shea as their photographer: "We had SO much fun shooting with Shea. She was awesome! Can't wait for her to shoot the wedding."

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And now for their proposal story as told to us by Grace (who is so proud of her man's creativity!):

Okay, it's a bit of a long story, but I'll do my best to be clear! Daniel and I are both theatre majors and one of our professors has a childrens theatre company on top of teaching at our school. So, about a week after we graduated college, I received an email from this former professor. It was addressed to myself and many of my former colleagues saying that he was holding auditions for a new company he was starting up. It was a standard audition notice: what to prepare, the date, time, etc. Well I've never been too keen on auditioning. In fact I hate it most times, but I was pretty excited about this one since I've worked with this professor before and I felt fairly confident in it. So, I prepared day after day for a few weeks until it was merely days before the audition...and I came down with the WORST cold. The kind where all of your "m's" somehow turn into "d's". And, as if speaking isn't difficult enough imagine trying to sing with your head so stuffed up. This was obviously quite stressful for me...

The day of the audition came, my cold never left, and I finally just determined that all I could do was my best and hope it came out okay. Daniel and I went to the audition, waited with our other friends who were there, and eventually it was my turn. I went into the room, did my monologue, and waited for the accompanist to start my song; however he started playing something completely different. I was so confused and thought maybe he was giving me some sort of wild introduction. Then all of the sudden, Daniel busted into the room and started singing to me while another friend was filming him. I was mad at first and thought he was playing a somewhat cruel joke on me. Then I started to catch on...He was singing a song about how he was always the last one picked, until he met me...something along the lines of, "I can't believe out of all those other guys, you picked me!"

Meanwhile, as he is singing, tons of my friends start pouring into the room: some who had been there for the "audition" and others who were hiding in the dressing room. The began setting up a house scene around us, complete with flats painted as a house, a white picket fence and a hose, a table and chairs with a tea set, and a mailbox that said the "schmoos" on it (that's our signature name for each other). Finally the song ended and the lights went out. There were lit candles and a video played with all of our favorite songs intermixed with interviews from friends who could and couldn't be there, answering the question, "If you could summarize our relationship in one word, what would it be?" Also intertwined was Daniel filming around our college campus including different places where significant occasions in our relationship occurred all while narrating our time together.

At last, the movie ended and on the screen it said, "Justice is getting what you deserve, mercy is not getting what you deserve, and GRACE is getting what you don't deserve." Safe to say that I was weeping at this point. Then he stood me up and walked me over to the schmoo mailbox and told me that he'd been lying to me, that this wasn't a real audition and that our former professor didn't have a part for me. But he had a role for me as fiancé and future wife. Then he took my ring out of the mailbox and proposed to me! I said yes of course and the ring is one that I picked out like two years ago and he remembered!

And the videos:

Location: Sugar Sand Park, Boca Raton
Photography: Shea Christine Photography

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  1. rosamalia says

    Wow, this is incredible! This blows every proposal I’ve ever heard of out of the water! Immensely inspiring!