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Beauty Bits: The Boho Twist Hair Crown

Hey there gorgeous gals! So how about those days that you have no idea what to do with your hair? We’ve all been there. You may have already straightened it or curled it the previous day and you know you could do the same thing … Read More

quick curls for date night / photo: / hair & makeup:

Beauty Bits: Quick Date Night Curls

Hello gorgeous! With Valentine’s Day around the corner you’re probably already planning your perfect outfit for your special night out. Have you thought of a fabulous hairstyle to go with it yet?

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Beauty Bits: Six Common Makeup Mistakes

Sometimes makeup can actually hide your natural beauty rather than enhance it. There are a few makeup rules that I think most of us girls have broken at some point. So with a fresh new start to the year, we thought now would be a great time to throw those old habits out the window!

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Beauty Bits: Easy Prep Pony

We’re so excited to present you with a simple hair tutorial for any Florida girl during the holiday season!
Ponytails, despite popular belief, can be done many ways and can look so glamorous.