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Wedding How To: Light Up Your Day

Over the summer I realized I’m a lover of atmospheres. I adore the colors, smells and, you guessed it, lighting that make up a carefully curated moment. Although most may not notice, lighting plays a significant role in your comfort with a room and everyone’s … Read More

Wedding Photography Timeline (8)

Wedding How-To: A Timeline for Photos

We’ve got something special and helpful for you all today. Ask any former bride or groom what they value the most from their wedding day (besides their spouse) and they’ll tell you, “our wedding photos!” Pictures and video are the only tangible evidence from your … Read More

Wedding Lounge Furniture

Expert Advice: Lounge Furniture

There are so many amazing options available now to make your wedding reception unique and different! What used to be a question of what table will your guests be sitting at and what color the linen will be, can now fall into what type of … Read More


Expert Advice: Wedding Design Details

As they say, ‘The Devil is in the Details’… managing all the various details (large and small) can be the most demanding and stressful part of planning your wedding day decor. To get you started in the right direction, we’ve got some great design and … Read More

alison events destination weddings

Destination Wedding Tips from Alison Events

We know that a lot of our readers are local Southern Florida brides, however, we are hoping that brides using our sunny area of South Florida as a destination wedding site find us useful! Planning your wedding from afar can be difficult when you are … Read More

Photography by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography

Wedding How-To: Kissing on Camera

It was a crazy weekend in South Florida full of weird windy, rainy weather. We thought we would start our week off with a little lesson instead of a shoot. It is kind of like starting the week off being back at school right? We … Read More