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You Should Go: Havana

With travel there now easier than it’s ever been (for most of our lifetimes, at least), Cuba should definitely be on your list. Photographer and our Fave Chelsey Boatwright traveled to Havana as part of an educational tour, and soaked up the vibrant culture of … Read More

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You Should Go: The Côte d’Azur

The Côte d’Azur (an area often referred to as The French Riviera here in the U.S.) is definitely somewhere we all should go. Kate McLean, who recently traveled to the area and is sharing her journey with us today, describes her experience as a mix … Read More


You Should Go: Anguilla

As a Floridian, and generally not a sun-seeking one, beach vacations aren’t typically my go-to. It’s been a particularly stressful year for my husband and I, though, filled with tons of work projects and new ventures, and we desperately needed a long weekend away. On … Read More

From Florida to Paris / photo by Laura McGlynn

You Should Go: Paris

Is there any better choice of a city than Paris to kick off a new series? Some of you might be surprised to find the city of lights on the list of (somewhat) easy trips from South Florida – just one stop and 9.5 hours from Miami.