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Hi lovelies! It finally feels like May here in South Florida. Not that I wasn't completely enjoying the nice Spring weather, but it's good to know that Summer is still coming! I'm looking forward to basking in the sunshine and dipping in the pool once it gets too hot... bring it on!


In honor of Mother's Day, I asked some of our fabulous Floridian photographers to share some images of moms at their children's weddings. First we have Jana with her daughter, Brittany. The bride presented her mom with a poem embroidered on a hankie and according to Stacy from Set Free Photography, "The closeness between them was remarkable."

Next, Aislinn Kate sent me this awesome shot from Angela's wedding. Her mom looks SO sweet as she admires her daughter just before she walks down the aisle. That's pure love in those eyes, right there!

And finally, if you recall the adorable Starbucks engagement session, you'll see this bride, Margarita! In Merari's words, "Margarita's mom couldn't help but swoon when she saw her daughter getting dressed for her wedding." I can only imagine how proud and happy all moms must feel when they know their son or daughter has found someone to make them so happy in life. Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous women in our lives!

So many happy faces at this bright pink wedding at one of our favorite venues, shot by one of our Faves.

Remember Rebekah & Andrew? Well, they just got married and had a sweet, purple wedding.

Love Miranda's approach to the Gatsby craze: Such beautiful shirts!

Of course one of my favorite planners would plan my childhood crush's wedding. Hint: Zac Morris!

Oh, I just swoon over the bouquet, first kiss, and oodles of chandeliers at this bridal designer's wedding!

Does mom still need an ensemble for your wedding? Check out these budget friendly options.

Top 10 bridesmaid and bride pet peeves.

Ritzy Bee has a thing for tassels... and so do we!

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend and if you're lucky enough to have your mom nearby, give her the love she deserves! Happy weekending!

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