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It's been a whirlwind of a month for me - weddings, websites, remodels, oh my! While I'm doing my best to keep up with it all (and still keep sharing as much lovely weddingness as we can with y'all!) I won't lie... I can't WAIT to jet off to Ireland and London in a few weeks, escape from it all, and see our lovely Becca in her new home across the pond. In the meantime, here's what caught my eye this week. Enjoy, and Happy Friday!


One of the things we love most at FW is hearing from couples. We do a lot of meeting and schmoozing with our fab vendors (which we also dearly love) but it's a little harder to connect with brides and grooms. So, when Stefany sent in her how-sweet-is-this proposal story to us, we just had to share it with you. Tony went above and beyond to ask his lovely lady to become his wife, and Stefany's sis Emily (who heads up Emily Allongo Photography) was there to capture it all. The full story is after the Squeeze!

Such a pretty Miami rooftop wedding from one of our Faves, Carolina Guzik.

I'm heading to Dublin in a few weeks, and this fun wedding made me smile! Too cute.

A wedding pavilion + stunning photography from Shipra = the stuff of dreams...

A comic book themed engagement session? Awesomesauce. (I think Michelle and I would be BFFs for sure.)

How great is this idea - a "Mix n' Glitz" dress-choosing party with your bridesgals? Sounds like a blast.

Also love the idea of a house party to honor your gals.

Just a little obsessed with the idea of a bouquet illustration!

Pretty, pretty ideas for wearing flowers in your hair.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there... we heart you for all you do. For the rest of us: some last minute handmade gift ideas.

And now...

... more about this newly engaged couple, Stefany and Tony. They met a friend's wedding (so yes, dears, this does happen - leave that random date at home!), when Stefany helped new-to-sushi Tony navigate the offerings at cocktail hour. Raw fish talk turned to chatting and flirting, through the after party and into the wee hours of the morning. Tony asked her out to lunch the next day, which turned into dinner, which turned into a long distance love affair (Tony lives in Milwaukee) that lasted nearly two years.

Proposal Emily Allongo Photography

After "many tearful goodbyes and dateless nights", Tony decided it was time to close the distance; this past April, he arranged for the surprise of Stefany's lifetime. Here's the story as shared with us by the couple: After an exhausting day of meetings, Stefany headed home - ready to curl up in her bed. As she pulled her car into the driveway of the house, her headlights flooded the front porch revealing a note on the door. Extremely confused, Stefany jumped out of the car and noticed the lit candles spelling out “love” on the ground with a ring pop in the center of the “o.” The note was in Tony's handwriting asking her to come to the back of the house.


Still confused, instead of going through the house like a rational person would, Stefany walked through the side garden in the dark. Trying not to trip over the plants she took her phone out to light the way. As Stefany rounded the corner to the backyard she was taken aback. The dock was lined with glowing paper lanterns and at the end of the dock stood Tony. She tried to remain composed as she happily skipped across the dock into his arms.

Proposal-Emily-Allongo-Photography-04 Proposal-Emily-Allongo-Photography-05

Tony looked into Stefany's eyes, sweetly saying "I have a question to ask you." Then he lowered himself to one knee and took out the most spectacular ring from his pocket. In that moment, Stefany's surprise was captured as he had arranged for Stefany's sister to be there to photograph. She had been hiding in the boat all along!

Of course, Stefany said "YES!" to her amazingly sweet husband-to-be. Tony - good job!

Proposal-Emily-Allongo-Photography-06 Proposal-Emily-Allongo-Photography-07

I asked why Stefany believes they make a great match, and her answer makes a lot of sense after seeing the proposal: "We have the strongest connection ever. From the moment we met, I knew it was meant to be. He's a big romantic. He can make me smile and make me cry, sometimes within seconds of each other. Plus, he a blast to hang out with - always up for anything."

And Tony's answer: "Our optimism and outlook on life make us a great match. We are both positive, driven and compassionate. I love that she has been willing to Skype with me for the past 2 years - falling asleep with the computers on so that we can wake up together in the mornings."


These two lovebirds will be tying the knot on the same day BOTH of their parents did, which just happens to be a Saturday (how cool is that?): March 8.

Stefany will finally get to use her planning talents on her own wedding as they plan a fun-yet-traditional wedding the Palm Beach Zoo: "As a wedding planner, I had always loved the zoo as a venue. It's unique and fun with the ability to have all the traditional elements of a wedding in one place. One of our first dates was to Lion Country Safari and we love animals." Tony adds: "In addition to that, we get to have animals roaming around our cocktail hour! My vote is for the hedgehog."

Congrats, guys! We can't wait to see how it turns out.

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