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Well hello everyone! Oh my, I am beyond excited to see the weekend! My parents are visiting from the States tomorrow, it has been a long week at work, and well, I've been itching to see the weekend appear. SO, HELLO WEEKEND! I think the three of us can all say, happy weekend lovelies, enjoy the Fresh Squeeze!


Yes, it is true, I have been engaged since September and we did not have a venue or a date booked until THIS WEEK. For a girl who works in the wedding industry and spends so many other hours of her life full of wedding magazines, inspiration, planning, etc. you would think I had it all done! Nope. Well, I am pretty excited to share today that, yippee, we have a date and a venue! My Beau and I are getting married next June in London and have just asked to move ahead at this beautiful venue in London, Fulham Palace. London-based photographer Marianne Taylor captured a gorgeous picture of this couple in the front of the palace, overflowing with wisteria. Boy do I hope I have a gorgeous day like they had! More details below...

Oooo, I am loving this sexy beach engagement shoot! What a beautiful session!

Pink macarons with gold bows... a pink cake with gold bows... These sweet party ideas have my name written all over them.

Why spend 100's of dollars on a wedding purse when I could get an adorable "i do!" clutch. Isn't this so sweet!

This wedding in the centre of London is quite chic and, well, isn't it just gorgeous?

I pinned this easy top twist bun hair tutorial immediately!

This amazing Florida beach wedding has me wanting to jump back on a plane, get a few bottles of brew and dance around by the beach! What a great personalized wedding.

Having a summer wedding? Pabelona Studio is paying it forward after their own big day with a free wedding video for one lucky couple!


We hope you'll give a big, warm welcome to the freshest face on the planning & coordination side of things in our guide - Simply Couture Weddings! Teresa and her team specialize in the art of detail, and are based right here with us in Palm Beach County.


After getting engaged in September and moving to London two weeks after, we decided to wait until after the holidays to really start planning our wedding. December 26th came and I was emailing my fiance 101 venues to look at. We set up appointments at many, decided NO immediately at quite a few after a little research online, fell in love with ones way over our budget and got tons of recommendations from friends and colleagues we have met here. We are new to the city so EVERY venue is new to us! Ideally Beau and I wanted a London city welcome party and a country English wedding day. Well, after a lot of research and starting to feel like Goldilocks {this one is too big, this too small, this not right} we stumbled upon this place... Fulham Palace.

Yes, it is a PALACE! Oh the joys of living in England where every building is swimming in history. Fulham Palace was the old residence of the Bishop of London and is a gem of a location in this hustling and bustling city. I can remember as Beau and I walked up to the venue for the first time, we mentioned that we loved the fact that we felt like we were in the country, but were just minutes from the heart of the city. See in the photos above from Marianne Taylor, the beautiful lawn, oh yes, gorgeous!

Even in the middle of winter, I knew I loved the grounds - I could imagine them blooming with beautiful flowers in the summer! After seeing Ryan Zarichnak's shots of this couple in London, it made me even more excited about the gorgeous photo opportunities. The wall that lines the garden, the high bushes, the wild roses... English gardens are stunning.

Photography by Jay Rowden Photography

Photography by Jay Rowden Photography

After visiting multiple properties in London, stressing over the budget, looking online for hours, emailing tons of other venues and having endless emails and gchat sessions with my girls in the Biz, we just couldn't get Fulham Palace out of our mind! The palace has an onsite chapel that seats 100 guests, a garden with an existing marquee, a historic courtyard that is full of lavender, oh it's so pretty! I am already scheming up ideas to turn the courtyard into a lovely location for our cocktail reception.

So, short and sweet: that is it! Wow, if you would have asked me two years ago if I thought I would have been getting married at an old palace in London the answer would have been, no, but I am beyond glad that changed! After a lot of research, questions and visits to venues, I think it is worth taking all the time you can to decide on the place that is just right for you as a couple to share your big day. I know Beau and I are beyond excited!

Cheers everyone! From Across the Pond...Happy Weekend! xoxo

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