How To: ‘Will You Be My…’ Bridesmaid & Groomsman Mini-Gifts

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Engagement season is officially here - which you must already know if you've just been asked (or did the asking). So Desiree and I put our heads together and came up with an easy project for all the soon-to-be brides and grooms: a sweet mini gift for asking your best men & women to stand by your side on the big day!

Gift the gals with a shade of nail polish in your wedding color palette; for the boys, add a quality shoe polish in the tone they'll be sporting on the wedding day. Add our cute tags, slip in your own handwritten note, and you're all set for mailing or handing to them in person.

This one's even easier than our Bridesmaid Swatch Books from October, so it should be a breeze for you to put together. I made the printables to coordinate with the books, so these two projects go together pretty perfectly!


  • Nail polish, one each for the girls
  • Shoe polish, one each for the boys
  • Small jewelry-type boxes, large enough to fit your goodies inside (I used 3.5" x 3.5" x 2" kraft boxes from PaperMart)
  • Paper shreds or other filler
  • Twine, ribbon or cording
  • Lightweight white card stock (80# works well) - legal size if your printer can handle it
  • Craft knife and straight edge (or scissors, but the craft knife works best)
  • 2" circle punch
  • Hole punch


  1. First, DOWNLOAD THE FILE and print out the tags onto your card stock. To fit around a 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 box, the wrapper tag needed to be at least 12", so I created the template for legal size (8.5 x 14) paper. If your printer can't print that large, you can size it down and either use a smaller box or do a little finagling with your wrapper (tape it to the bottom of the box, or add an extra bit of paper to make it fit).
  2. Using a craft knife and straight edge, cut out the wrapper; with a 2" inch hole punch, cut out the two circular tags.
  3. Punch a hole in each of the "bridesmaid?" and "groomsman" hang tags and string with your twine or ribbon; tie onto your gifts
  4. Assemble your boxes with shreds/filler, gifts and your personal note, and close the lid.
  5. Using the larger tag, wrap it around the box and secure with tape in a sleeve-like fashion.
  6. That's basically it! I put them in a larger box for mailing, also filled with shreds. Mail them off to your future 'maids and men!

Hope you find it helpful! Also, make sure to check out our Bridesmaids Swatch Books and Groomsmen Gift Boxes - both DIYs that work great with these mini gifts.

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  1. Chris says

    I love your idea on “will you be my”. What is the font you used for Bridesmaid? I want to do one for my maid of honour too?

  2. Elizabethdoodah says

    I love essie… this is such a cute idea!

    I did some cute stuff for my bridal party too. Check out Elizabethdoodah.blogspot