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We're on the road to our second anniversary here at Floridian Weddings, so we've been rounding up our fave photo inspirations... the best-of-the-best shots our couples love seeing the most. We've looked at rings, bouquets and cakes, and today we're diving into one of our most loved new traditions: the First Look!

We were just smitten with how Erika Delgado Photography caught this bride's ecstatic face just before her groom turned around!

For those of you that don't know about the First Look yet, it's pretty simple: a special time and place is arranged for you and your love to see each other for the first time, with your photographer standing by to capture the moment.

'Traditional' First Look

It's pretty obvious how we feel about First Looks around here - it gets three big enthusiastic thumbs up from us! There are few wedding day scenarios where it doesn't make the most sense, both for capturing the best light for your portraits and making sure that you, the guests of honor, have the most time to enjoy both your cocktail hour and reception. If you're still not convinced, or are just looking for inspiration for your own First Look shots, here are a few of our faves from the last two years!

outdoor rustic florida wedding (6)

Photography by Flora + Fauna

outdoor rustic florida wedding (7)

Photography by Flora + Fauna

We loved the sweet, romantic simplicity of Chelsea and Tyler's first look in Jacksonville, from Flora + Fauna. The old bridge locale was perfection!

This bit of fun perfection by Ashley Victoria Photography could be my absolute fave. How clever is this elevator first look??

Leopard Wedding at The OC White Room St. Augustine by Daybreak Studios

Photography by Daybreak Studios

Leopard Wedding at The OC White Room St. Augustine by Daybreak Studios

Photography by Daybreak Studios

Nick held his soon-to-be wife's hand just before peeking 'round the corner at Nicole. We love how Daybreak Studios made them wait just long enough for this close up!

Naples Wedding by Set Free Photography (13)

Photography by Set Free Photography

Can you imagine how wonderful Melissa felt when she saw her groom's reaction? Such a perfect shot of pure happiness by Set Free Photography.

Key West wedding by Endearing Studios (22)

Photography by Endearing Studios

Key West wedding by Endearing Studios (21)

Photography by Endearing Studios

Seeing his gorgeous bride for the first look was one of Walt's favorite memories of their wedding day. I adore how Endearing Studios captured their emotions!

First Look Florida Keys Pink Wedding photo by

Photography by Bob Care Photography

Love the pure, happy, beautiful surprise captured by Bob Care Photography.

Formal Sapphire Blue Wedding by Leslie Hollingsworth Photography 13

Sometimes the hug afterwards is the best part. Leslie Hollingsworth captured their emotions perfectly.

Day-after portrait session on Pensacola beach by

Photography by Lux et Amor

This shot of the bride covering her groom's eyes is a fun touch - so sweetly captured by Lux et Amor.

Love love love how Ricky Stern captured Erika's bridesmaids peeking in on her and Mark's first look!

Groom's First Look photo by

Photography by Reign 7 Photography

Even a few puddles couldn't keep this bride from her groom. Photo by Reign 7 Photography

Don't you just love the way Hayley Lord Photography captured this bride's sassy look while tapping her groom's shoulder?!


So, you're loving the idea of having a few pre-ceremony pictures... but don't want him to see you before you walk down the aisle? It's still possible to get a sweet shot or two of you together without him being able to peek.

Robert Rios Photography caught Celia and Jorge's personal motto for their day, "Okay, let's do this!

Old World Romance Wedding in ivory & gray (20)

Photography by LanierStar Photography

Without spoiling the first time the groom saw his bride walk down the aisle, Lanier Star Photography found the perfect church door for them to lovingly hold hands.

Old Florida Style Wedding (17)

Photography by Concept Photography

How cute is this bride!? High five to Concept Photography for snatching up this shot!

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