Laid-Back Island Engagement: Gabriela & Daniel in Palm Beach

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It's not always easy for couples to find a meaningful, beautiful spot for their engagement session. For these two kindred spirits, who met, were engaged, and spent countless hours falling in love on walks around Palm Beach, it was an easy choice. Of course, Captured Photography by Jenny was an easy (and perfect) choice, too!

Gabriela and Daniel's first meeting was on January 23, 2010, on a blind date (amazing, right?). From there, as Gabriela tells us, it was smooth sailing: "I was instantly smitten. From that date on, the next months of our lives passed quite quickly as it was filled with lots of laughter, banter, scoops of ice-cream, Disney World trips, and countless movie nights."

On that same date three years later, Daniel planned a dream engagement day full of surprises for his bride-to-be: Daniel tricked me into thinking he had to drop something off at church when, in reality, he had planned to sing me a song he had written for me awhile back. Later that afternoon, Daniel and I had a picnic at one of our favorite gardens in Palm Beach. At sunset, Daniel surprised me with a gorgeous ring on a cupcake - gluten-free, of course. My sister (who flew down from Virginia that morning) was hiding in the garden capturing that very moment! My entire family was also hiding just around the corner. After some of the shock wore off, we drove over to our beautifully candlelit engagement dinner where our closest friends and family were all gathered. It was the most magical night of my life, hands down.

As the place where they had their first date, got engaged, and spent countless hours exploring together, Palm Beach was the perfect location for the their engagement session. According to Gabriela, the island was also a great fit for their personalities: We really wanted to capture our relationship in our pictures, so we chose a laid-back shoot because it most resembles who we are as a couple. When searching for a photographer for our wedding day, we fell in love with Captured Photography. Their ability to catch candid moments really stood out to us. We had a great time working with our photographer, Jenny, and are beyond excited for our wedding in November!

Gabriela also shared a few details from their wedding planning with us, which she says has been a blast: I have a soft spot for anything feminine, romantic, or vintage- with sweet bird details. We felt that having a mixture of family heirlooms, flea market treasures, and sprinkles of DIY d├ęcor elements throughout would tie in perfectly with our venue, The Addison. My days are filled with guest lists, researching ideas I love over and over, and probably way too much lace (just kidding, there can never be too much lace). We want our wedding to feel warm and intimate for our guests - like throwing a large, but great dinner party! I am probably (definitely) driving Daniel a bit crazy in the process, but when we are finally able to see the final project, it will be magical.

My favorite piece of wedding advice has definitely been to take time to enjoy the planning process and each stage you enter and to remember what matters most, because it goes by so fast. We are celebrating the love we have chosen, the hard seasons we have endured, and getting to have each and every person we love together in one room on our wedding day. We are truly savoring every single moment.

Love that (and love them). Big congrats and best wishes to Gabriela and Daniel on the rest of the wedding process! And Daniel, hang in there - I know you will just love how it all comes together on the big day!


Location: Palm Beach | Photography: Captured Photography by Jenny | Submission: Two Bright Lights

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