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If you're trying to bring a more organic, free-flowing, natural style to your wedding, I think we've found the perfect gal for you! Making it Fabulous with us today is Julia Rohde, a floral and event designer with a creative and eclectic style (which is just to our liking).

Making it Fabulous - Julia Rohde Designs

{photo credits: top right, Tony Range Photography; bottom left, Michelle March Photography}


I'm Julia Rohde of Julia Rohde Designs, a Floral & Event Styling Firm in South Florida. I have a passion for color, creativity and the art of floral design. I have always had a secret adoration for flowers. Being an avid thrifter for over a decade has constantly inspired me with each new piece I find. I love combining original and unusual tabletop pieces with the unexpected, natural form of a variety of flowers that resembles a just-picked garden arrangement. I am always fascinated with how different each arrangement is, even with the intention to replicate. I love to show brides how using different types of flowers in their natural shape and form can emanate greater beauty than something that is forced or compact.


Brides are looking for less traditional floral designs for their wedding these days and more of a fun, free-form and sometimes eclectic design approach. We often use a high variety of flowers in our bouquets with a field-picked look to make it more interesting. We are bringing this style to our brides in South Florida and so far we have received an incredibly positive response. Having lower, lusher centerpieces for your reception tables are easier for guests to chat over and admire rather than the tall, extravagant centerpiece trends we have been seeing for years.


Colorful streamers, paper flowers, vintage silver and brass compotes - anything vibrant and crafty - we love it all! Creating a custom design with lots of color and detail for a wedding is always a fun challenge and it is what is so important to making it unique and personal. We love antiquing and thrifting, so we are constantly searching for hard to find vases and tabletop elements for our brides. We have a range of vintage, rustic and modern containers and tabletop decor for our brides to choose from. If there is something our brides want that we don't currently have in our inventory, we will search high and low until we find it for them.

Making it Fabulous - Julia Rohde Designs

{photo credit: Michelle March Photography}


We often tell brides that creating a design with specialty flowers can be different, unique and more memorable than traditional flowers. Specialty flowers can be a bit more expensive, but they are totally worth it. We source our flowers from all over the world - Japan, New Zealand, Holland and South America to name a few. The types of flowers, color and texture, and design style are an important part of tying in themes and overall look of a wedding that leave guests raving about it for years. We love to create bouquets and arrangements for our brides using these specialty flowers so the design is eye-catching and captivating.

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