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We're happy to give a formal introduction to our industry friend, Kelly Fowler. We first met at a beach bash in St. Petersburg and I adored her personality and planning style. Then I stalked her a bit on instagram and realized we were sorority sisters! A few phone chats later and it's obvious to me that she is a great option for our destination couples, especially those planning a wedding in the Keys!


Kelly Fowler, owner and lead planner at Just Save The Date, Event Planning & Design, which specializes in full-service destination wedding planning and custom design. I believe that I just don't plan my client's weddings, I plan my friend's weddings. This allows me to develop a close, personal relationship with my clients in order to deliver a unique, one-of-a-kind event that truly embodies the couple, their personality and their vision for their wedding.


Lounge areas! Lounge areas are a great way to accent your decor, while providing an area for your guests that either are not big dancers, but want to be close to the action or for the party animals to take a small break from dancing the night away. They can easily be tied in with your decor (vintage, island chic, modern, etc) and also accent an existing area (think vintage, dessert display accented with overstuffed, plush couches). Lounge areas can be as simple or over the top as you want. Placing the lounge area close to the dance floor and the bar will encourage guests not to sit at their table all night, but rather to socialize while being close to the action.


I love when couples incorporate themselves into the wedding. This can be done with everything from colors, themes, photos, personal stories, favors, the list goes on and on! At a recent wedding, the bride and groom incorporated a sailboat that the groom and his dad built and that he later proposed on, to be used as an oyster bar. There was a sign explaining the story and why it was so special to the couple. Another couple incorporated their favorite things (Crown Royal for her and Arizona State Football for him) into their welcome bags and also included their favorite foods into the dinner stations. It was all a huge hit! Keep in mind, personal touches can go a long way, so be sure to not overdo it. Pick 1 to 3 things that are meaningful to you and incorporate those items throughout your wedding. This gives your guests a peek into your relationship without providing too many details!


Fireworks and a fourth meal! It is the most unexpected thing to incorporate into the wedding, especially when the guests don't know. It is the perfect way to end the night on a high note. I had a wedding recently where they had a fireworks display and served french fries in paper cones as a way to end the night. It was fabulous, because the guests didn't expect it and they were blown away! And I always fall in love with a pair of fabulous shoes! Again, it is another unexpected thing that can add a lot to the wedding, especially the photos. I LOVE seeing a pop of color under a white dress (maybe your something blue), but nothing beats a sparkly pair of glamorous heels! I mean, when else can you get away with buying a pair of fabulous shoes and having fireworks all to yourself?! If not your big day, then when?

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  1. Dana Caffrey says

    I want my wedding to be like that, cool but elegant, and so much in order. I think I need to contact you for my wedding in July next year. I hope you can accomodate me. Thanks!