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Sharing her fabulousness today is Tara Rose, owner of Ring Finger Studio, a private jewelery boutique that specializes in engagement rings and wedding bands. I especially think Tara is quite fabulous because she created my beautiful engagement ring that Laura shared on Friday! I can speak first hand that Ring Finger Studio is pretty fabulous!

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I’m Tara Rose, owner of Ring Finger Studio. I’m a private jeweler in Miami’s Design District specializing in diamonds, custom engagement rings and wedding bands. I grew up in the traditional jewelry industry and decided to open Ring Finger Studio because I felt that couples needed a more intimate and comfortable setting when purchasing the most important pieces of jewelry they’ll ever buy. We meet with clients one on one in the studio and we can make rings that most jewelers wouldn’t even think of making. It’s very important to me that we make the experience of choosing an engagement ring or wedding bands exciting and extremely personal. (And as stress-free as possible!)


Couples are moving away from the standard Round and Princess cut diamonds, and are looking for more unique shapes like Cushion cuts, Asschers, and Pear shapes. Even the Marquis (which was popular in the 1980’s) is making a comeback in new updated designs.

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I love any creative touch that mixes old with new. We recently made an engagement ring for a client which featured a diamond that was cut around 1890. I bought the diamond because it had such history and character, and I knew eventually the right client would come along for it. The ring was custom designed to feel both modern and vintage. We also took a small diamond that belonged to the client’s grandmother and set it INSIDE the ring so it always rests against her finger.


I’m totally loving stackable wedding bands! More and more of our brides are buying TWO wedding bands for themselves, one to wear above and one below the engagement ring. Some brides can’t afford to do it right away so they’ll add another band to commemorate an anniversary or the birth of a child.

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