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The idea of this post started the other day when I was at lunch and saw a cute little puppy and my heart melted, seriously! I mean, who doesn't smile and love to see adorable little puppies and kittens. I feel the same way when it comes to having your pet with you at your wedding! I know I'm a proud owner of my little puppy Oliver and I can't imagine not smiling seeing him running down the aisle {yes, he would run like a crazy puppy, not walk elegantly!}.

Adagion Photography Dogs in Weddings V

We gathered up some of our favorite pet wedding photos from a few amazing local photographers below. Most likely your furry little friend is a part of your family and an extension of your relationship, so what better way then to have them be there on your big day!

This bride dressed up her puppy for the big day and had him get ready with her, I guess he was a member of the bridal party, but not a big fan of the outfit of choice?

How cute is this little puppy - did he catch the bouquet?

Adagion Photography Dog Photography Floridian Weddings

If you are thinking of having your furry little friend there during your ceremony, make sure to think about your dog's regular every day behaviors. While they might be great at walking down the aisle, and oh so cute, add in the guest count as a factor. Some puppies might be afraid of the overwhelming number of guests and start barking in the middle of your vows! Assign a dog walker/sitter during the wedding so that your dog can join in on the festivities. Your wedding is a celebration, so make sure to have extra treats on hand to calm your puppy down from the excitement.

These photos are a framer for sure! How cute is Mr. White Lab in his little polka dot bow tie?

Jemma Coleman Photography V- dogs in weddings

I loved that this couple had their dog's collar made out of flowers for the wedding, not all dogs love sweaters and bow ties! Don't forget to add a dog flower collar onto your florist list.

barn wedding ktmerry

This couple decided not to have their dogs present during the big day, however, they did make a special appearance... as decor on their tables! Doggy Studio photoshopped numbers into their pets' portraits and created customized table numbers. These are modern and fun and such a great addition to your wedding. Having your pet at the event may cause you too much stress, this way you can still see them throughout the day!

dog photo by doggy studio

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  1. says

    In the first image the doggie looks just like my dog, Mali. Adorable! If I was planning my wedding all over again I would find a way to incorporate her. The table #’s from Doggy Studio are such a fun way to do that! The last image is from one of our couple’s wedding who got married at the Epic Hotel. Love it! :)

    • says

      We TOTALLY agree Jessica! I would love my little Oliver in some wedding pics some day:) Oh and those table numbers are absolutely adorable! Great idea!

  2. says

    Love the idea of pets at the wedding! Great idea, great post, and it makes my day brighter just like the yellow sun with the three purple hearts in your logo! Hugs,

  3. says

    I love all of the pictures you compiled. I wish I had my dogs before I got married. I will have to remember this for my friend’s upcoming wedding though. Pets are so photogenic, it’s a shame they aren’t at more weddings!