Capture POD Photo Booths

Stylish, modern take on a photo booth that captures flattering, high quality images

Photo Booths in South Florida & The Keys


We're image creators, memory makers, tradition breakers – but most importantly, we're a team of real-life photographers on a mission to push the photo booth concept forward. Inspired by fashion photography, we reimagined the old-school photo booth into a miniature photography studio for events. Our photographic expertise, high style, and innovative spirit created a modern photo booth rental complete with a professional DSLR camera, elegant lighting, and intelligent technology.

From beautiful images to branding and social media, Capture POD is a genius idea for weddings, celebrations, corporate events, and marketing campaigns.

What People Are Saying

"I went with the Capture Razzi which is the Open Style Photo Booth. Wonderful for your guests to watch and laugh, as well as be a part of. We enjoyed unlimited pictures, a custom layout, which printed two strips… One for you and one for the guests to keep. The quality of the actual pictures are amazing! I purchased my own props off of easy, but Capture Pod also provided some extra props that added a lot of laughs. I had the guests place their extra strip in my guestbook and provided stickers/markers/tape/glue and it is the greatest guestbook that I have ever seen:) I received the online gallery two days after the wedding, with access to all the originals. The pod comes with an attendant to help manage the camera as well as the prints. Our attendant was Jose Arizmendi and he was wonderful. Thank you Capture Pod!" - Andrea Bauer

"Allow me to begin this review with HIGHLIGHT OF OUR WEDDING! This capture pod was by far the most popular and still talked about vendor at our reception . It allowed my guests to dress up and be silly leaving them with a lasting memory to take home and cherish forever. This capture pod is something enjoyed by those of all ages! the actual photobooth is spacious so many can fit. The company will bring there own props however they allow you to bring your own as well and since my wedding was mostly firemen, I purchased firefighter helmets which all enjoyed. I must truly admit that adding this capture pod to our wedding was a decision we will never forget. Amazing price, quality, and service. Your guests will get to keep their photo as a perfect keepsake of your special day! Carlos Pacheco was efficient, honest, and service was beyond my expectations. My experience was flawless, thank you!" - Candice Restani