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Sun-kissed wedding photography with a romantic, authentic, feminine feel

Photography & Cinematography in South Florida & The Keys


I LOVE photographing weddings. I love having this amazing job where I get to witness love joining together, the happiest day of a couple's life. I get to capture the bride giggling with her bridesmaids while nervously putting on her wedding dress, the couple's first kiss as husband and wife, and my favorite is that moment after they walk down the aisle and realized they are really married!

I've photographed weddings in Canada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and all over Florida. I love traveling for weddings, shooting in new environments with mountains, forests, lakes or fields. Lace wedding dresses and floral crowns/hair accessories make me sigh with a happy photographer's heart. My photography style is: romantic, photojournalistic, feminine, authentic and natural-lit.

I adore my husband, being a mom to my beautiful daughters, and my Savior. I'm incredibly happy to do what I love, taking a limited number of weddings each year to dedicate myself to each of them more personally, and getting to be a stay-at-home Mom along with that. I write my emails with lots of hearts and smiley faces :) I love my brides and getting to spend their incredible wedding day with them, capturing their own unique love story. <3

What People Are Saying

The perfect photographer! Jillian as such an eye for capturing moments in such a stunning way. She is extremely professional and very sensitive to all the little details that go along with weddings, such as the passing of relatives, and family conflicts. A huge plus for my family was that Jillian is fluent in both English AND Spanish! Jillian was my dream wedding photographer because she creates two-dimensional photos that seem like three-dimensional memories. What amazing talent that takes! -Emily & Kirk, 5/18/13

Jillian is not only an incredible photographer and a pleasure to work with but is just as sweet as can be! We used JTP for the engagement and wedding package and have received so many compliments on her work. Details were so important to me and Jillian made a point to capture all the little things we had talked about and more! Our ceremony was extremely difficult, from a photography standpoint, to capture because I wanted a very romantic and dim ceremony, leaving little light for Jillian to work with; her talent triumphed as one of my favorite pictures is of my husband and I sharing our first kiss as husband and wife! I am not comfortable in front of the camera and Jillian was able to capture breathtaking moments I didn't know were possible during both our engagement and wedding sessions :) Aside from the talent that JTP has to offer with her stunning photography, she is just as wonderful with returning her finished product to you well within the time frame in her contract. Jillian Tree Photography is highly recommended! -Britnye & Philip, 9/29/12

I'm so glad we found Jillian to photograph our wedding! She was so flexible-when I first began chatting with her we were planning on having our wedding in FL. Then it changed to PennsylvaniA and she was more than willing to travel! We had an extremely DIY wedding in my parent's backyard, and I was SO happy that she captured all of the details-big and small! I was confident in her talent the entire wedding day and she was one of the only parts of my wedding I wasn't even a tad stressed about! We had an awesome time getting to know her-she is so sweet and caring! I'd definitely recommend her services! :) -Bri & Mikey, 6/02/12