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We started the company because we felt for such a big, fragmented industry, everything in the wedding space seemed to look the same. There was one pretty narrow aesthetic that seemed to permeate everything. When I planned my wedding in 2011 there just didn't seem to be much out there for me or someone who might lean even a little on the edgier side of things. I usually describe it as a little less Martha, a little more Vogue. Not that Martha doesn't do some very lovely things. It just wasn't our aesthetic and we wanted our wedding to really reflect who we were in our every day lives. We didn't want to adopt a whole new style just because that's what the wedding industry offered.

Two years later (2013), I looked around and nothing had changed! And it was especially painful/obvious when you looked at wedding websites. The same 3 templates were still getting used at every wedding I went to and the UX was very web 1.0. We knew we could make that experience so much more beautiful, useful, and enjoyable for couples and their guests. So we built Riley & Grey.

What People Are Saying

I must say, I loved looking at your sites! I typically cringe when I see wedding websites and their overly cheesy designs.

Thanks so much for the wonderful service that you provide.

I love the concept of your site, the sites are really stunning and unique!!

I am SO grateful to you for creating Riley & Grey. I am a graphic designer... Every other wedding website template is unbearable, in regards to both design and function. I was so relieved to find yours!

Truly, I'm so happy that I chose to go with them for my website.  I already told my wedding planner (who, when I asked her for wedding websites, she couldn't give me any good ideas), and if anyone asked for a recommendation, I would recommend them in a heartbeat.