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Specializing in the art of detail, Teresa and her team promise to 'eat, sleep, and breathe love' until your big day

Planning & Coordination in South Florida & The Keys


We are a boutique planning, design and coordination firm, specializing in the ART of detail. I swoon over love stories and am a hopeless romantic at heart. I am in love with love and each and every detail that accompanies it. As a wedding planner, I am here to make your life less hectic, become your friend (and sometimes therapist!), and be the shoulder to laugh and cry on up until the big day. Your details are safe with me! I know what an undertaking it is to plan the "wedding of your dreams", but we promise to eat, sleep and breathe love until your big day!

I founded Simply Couture Weddings in October 2009, after using my natural coordination and design abilities for years before, planning weddings, showers and dinner parties. I believe in creating unique events, individual to each couple I work with, and love to see the little details come to life according to plan. My favorite part of any wedding is that first moment when a groom sees his bride. The magical, intimate moment brings tears to my eyes every time! {Insert sniffles here!}

We are an award-winning firm, featuring premium work that has been published on the popular Style Me Pretty blog. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my little boy. I am a self-professed book hoarder, and I am equally obsessed with cooking and consider myself a wannabe culinary artist. My Sicilian and Portuguese background inspire my love of great food and better wine, which, combined with my passion for design and detail make me the quintessential guide to planning your perfect wedding day!

What People Are Saying

I will start off by saying it is 4 days after my wedding and I miss Teresa! My mom found her and sent me her information when I was feeling a little down about the wedding since my soon to be husband was deployed and I had a bit of an off experience with a planner I had been speaking to, so I reached out to her and I instantly felt so comfortable and it was just "right." We started planning my July wedding in October and there was not a single day that I did not hear from her or more than 3 minutes go by from an email getting answered. I felt at times that I had to tell her "Stop answering me". Also, my husband being deployed called for Teresa to check her e-mail at 4 in the morning in case I had sent an email saying I heard from him and to go ahead and proceed with a decision we were trying to make together. Teresa made my vision come to life and poor thing I must have changed my mind over 57 times on what or where I wanted something. She is one of the most patient and compassionate people I have met in my life. Teresa was not only my planner, but a therapist, doctor, relationship counselor, but most importantly she became my friend. Without her, this wedding would never have been possible for me and I can't thank her enough or say enough good things about her! The day of the wedding I was a nervous wreck, I felt like I was going to be sick any waking moment and it was so not needed because I have no idea if anything went "wrong" since it was never ever brought to my attention. Teresa also brought along her assistant Ashley with her for the rehearsal as well as the wedding and I can tell you now that she is made for this as well! Hiring a wedding planner was by far one of the best investments I have made as of yet and I would do it all over again and pay double if it meant that Teresa and her crew were on my side!
- Micaela

OMG!!!!! What can I say they were just PERFECT!!!! Teresa since the day I met her was kind, organized, patient, on top of her game, everything you can ask for a wedding planner. She answers your calls, your text messages, emails, she is there for you 24/7 whatever you need she will be there for you. My wedding was beautiful everyone had an excellent time... Everyone says that there will be one thing something will go wrong on your wedding day and it is true... for me was my limousine it was overheated and we had no one to take us to the ceremony and guess what Teresa offered her car but also called other places and within 10 minutes I had another limo pick us up, I was not even late to my wedding or anything I was so happy to have her otherwise I don't know what I could of done. If you are looking for a wedding planner contact Simply Couture they are the BEST!!!!! They are top of the line... Thank you Teresa and Ashley so much for everything you did, for making my day beautiful, memorable and stress free. Without you girls I don't know what I could of done :) XOXOXO
- Jacqueline