Wedding How-To: The Sparkler Exit

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Happy New Year! Today, we're looking into "The Sparkler Exit". We've all seen 'em and many of us may have waved 'em at weddings, already. It's a beautifully bright and festive way of bidding adieu to your guests after a joyous reception. We'll walk you through the following steps to ensure the ending of your big day goes off without a hitch!

(photo from: Pure 7 Studios via Floridian Weddings)

Step 1, Planning the Exit: Place your order for said sparklers at least six weeks prior to your wedding date. Steer clear of ordering your everyday box of sparklers and look for ones that are extended a little longer - you can find 20 to 36 inch sparklers online. Ensure that your site coordinator or a sober adult-friend will be in charge (you can ask them ahead of time). Select a pathway that is outside and clear of any low-ceilings or brush. And, finally, hire a driver for a safe exit ride in your chosen getaway car.

(photo from: Aislinn Kate via Floridian Weddings)

Step 2, Capturing the Moment: Include your photographer and videographer when coordinating your wedding timeline and be sure to let them know that you plan on having a planned exit. They'll want to work out their hours to ensure that they can cover the very end of your happy day! Your guests should begin lining up about fifteen minutes prior to the end of your reception. This will give them plenty of time to gather their belongings, grab a sparkler, and line-up outside. Plus, you'll have time to freshen up, grab the bridal bouquet and the groom's jacket, then soak in one last moment before your wedding day officially ends.

(photos given with permission from: Kat Braman)

Step 3, Making Guests Aware: Inevitably, some guests will exit the party early. Your best bet of having all your loved ones included in this special moment is to provide some sort of advertisement by way of a sign, having your DJ announce it, or (my favorite) placing a single sparkler next to each slice of cake along with a tiny tag instructing your guests on what-to-do and when. Hardly anyone leaves before dessert!

(photos given with permission from: Stay Forever Photography)

Step 4, Delivery and Completion: This is the most tricky step. We have a room full of tipsy adults and we're handing them tiny explosives...yikes! Have your coordinator place several pillar candles in heavy, tall glass-vases outside and light them (this eliminates the need for lighters and a person to light several dozen sparklers). Each guest will hold their sparkler over the flame and proceed to pass on the sparks. Have a disposal place ready. I've found that large containers (terracotta pots or plastic buckets), partially filled with sand, provide the best outlet for the singed sticks.

(photos from top to bottom: Erika Delgado Photography via Floridian Weddings and LanierStar Photography via Floridian Weddings)

Step 5, Go For It!: Put a big smile on, hold hands, and slowly trot through the crowd. Pause halfway through and give each other a big, romantic kiss. Jump in your selected vehicle and with the windows down, wave, blow kisses, high-five, and thank all of your guests!

(photo from: The Big Day via Floridian Weddings)

And there you have it! We hope you're feeling confident with your planned sparkler exit after learning up on these simple guidelines. Looking for more inspirational steps? Check out our Wedding How-To series!

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